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Color helper classes

Right now Smelte adds very little to what Tailwind has to offer dealing with color except for porting the Material design color palette and adding a few extra utilities like caret color on inputs or colored ripple animation effect. Colors themselves are configured in tailwind.config.js .

.bg-{color}-{variant} gives element appropriate background color:
<div class="bg-deep-purple-500 text-white p-4">This div is deep purple.</div>
This div is deep purple.
.text-{color}-{variant} changes text color accordingly:
<h4 class="text-error-500">This header is error</h4>

This header is error color

Same principle applies to border, but there are also border width border-{n} and type border-{solid|dashed|dotted|none} helpers.
<div class="border-2 border-secondary-600 p-4">This div has secondary border</div>
This div has secondary color border